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Ant Hill Jewelry

ant-walking-to-job-site-lg-clr.gifAll of us are working 24/7/365 for Larry

Ant hill gemstones?
Think of them like this?
First the ants must find one in their way?
Second they must move it out of the nest?
Third it must rain to wash the stones down the hills?
Fourth someone must hand collect them?
Fifth they must be washed and polished?
Sixth is the large ones chosen to be hand cut into gem stones?
Seventh: Those cut gemstones are then added to fine jewelry.
All this costs time, energy and money! Except for the ants.

We have a limited amount of finished Ant Hill Red Garnet fine jewelry at this time.


They are considered Sacred Stones by the Native American Indians.

So our Native friends have cleansed them with the smoke of the White Sage.

Ant Hill Red Garnets do cost more than regular garnets and Now you know why?


You can read more about them on our blog: BLOG ANTS