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Beaded Hatbends & Belts

We craft hundreds of beautiful beaded belts and hatbands.

Large front sashes to order.

We can change the colors of any design to your choice of colors?


Photos do not always depict the exact shade colors of the glass beads?

Colors may vary one shade up or down.

Just call us and make a Special Order  

620-441-8656  Any time after 2:30 PM to 7:00 pm

We can custom design for your stetson or any favorite hat where the design goes fully around and without any leather ties. We do this for many police stetsons. Or you can attach? Or mail us the hat and we will custom hand stitch it in proper place. Your choice!

And, we also offer "Vintage Bands" when we discover one?

We make genuine art bead hatbands and belts.

We can make them up to 6 inches wide and up to 5 feet long by Special Order. We use standard #11 glass seed beads and can also do anything in #15 glass seed beads by order.

 Attaching a Hat Band

 There are a few ways to do this?

If you have a standard hatband with ties.Then place the hatband centered to front and snug it with the ties.After tying it off you can trim the ties with a scissors. Leave  enough to re-tie if needed. This method is used so hatbands can be changed. You can also remove the ties and then tack stitch through the leather end caps: Snug the band and tack stitch the other end with the leather cap.This method has all the ties removed, and yet the hatband remains changeable when desired.

On the expensive hats like stetsons or the expensive felt hats: We suggest! A custom crafted to fit hatband for permanent attachment.

We need the exact measurement around the hat: Then we loom the design as you desire in #11 or #15 seed beads.We then make it longer than actually needed: We then seal the end beads deep enough so they can be trimmed when added to the hat. NO END CAPS or TIES

In this method: You center the band and then tack stitch one end to the rear of the hat. Then you snug the band and trim off with a scissors the extra length and then tack that snugged to the other end. This leaves NO SEAM to be seen and a continuous band totally around the hat without any ties. This is how we do them for the Reservation Police. We also then tack stitch as needed the band on the hat to keep it strongly in place under all conditions. This is a permanent hatband and not easy to change.

Thank you for reading:  Annlee