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Christmas in silver and gold by Family Jewels and Silver

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Christmas is Coming like a freight train rolling along.

Jewelry is always a perfect Christmas gift suggestion.

Fine gems make the most beautiful thoughts come true for years to come.

Ole Christmas Larry suggests shopping early!

Discover that"Christmas Ring"or maybe a gorgeous"Charm"?

Earrings are great stocking stuffers?

We can assist you in designing that One-of-a-Kind gift for the Special One in Your Life.

Explore our store for some general ideas? Order early.

Call us for a Special Order not listed in the online shop at the moment.

Ask for Christmas Larry


Phone: 620-617-9318

Christmas jewelry at Family Jewels

We design all the jewelry YOU CAN DREAM for yourself or a loved one.

We are the direct manufacturer of our fine jewelry in Silver or in GOLD.

Your options are truly unlimited.

Snow jewelry gifts by Family Jewels

Snow nor rain never holds us back from fine jewelry creations.

We create earrings, charms, bracelets and all rings.

American style WEDDING SETS or European style WEDDING SETS.

You choose....You decide....WE MAKE YOUR DREAM into fine jewelry.   That simple!

Merry Christmas from Family Jewels

Over 41 years in business.


Use our contact onsite unit...or

E-Mail us direct....or

Just call us on the phone to answer all your concerns or questions.

Wholesale gemston dealer

Family Jewels Christmas ideas

Open Santas gift bag at Family Jewels

You can OPEN Santa's gift bag for the ones you love.

Jewelry says: " I love You" and that they are very SPECIAL.

Online Friendly Jeweler

Thank You from Family Jewels

Lay By is offered by Family Jewels and Silver

Lay By is available at Family Jewels and Silver.Purchase has no limit but what you want to purchase.Interest FREE....We never charge any interest on a Lay By.How it works: Just like an in-store "Lay A Way"Decide what you want first or talk on the phone with usif you desire. 1-620-617-9318Your purchase will go into our [...]

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AKS Gem Shows this weekend in Grapevine, Texas

AKS Gem Shows this weekend in Grapevine, TexasAt the Grapevine Convention Center.1209 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051Friday---Saturday and SundayDallas Winter Bead & Jewelry ShowFebruary 26, 27, & 28, 2016Hours: Friday & Saturday 10 til 6, Sunday 10 til 4We would like to invite you to the Gem Fair at the Convention Center in Grapevine [...]

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No Brainer Day at Family Jewels and Silver

No Brainer day is February 27th.National Day for every one!Low prices every day?How low? It's a "NO BRAINER"Well, isn’t this one interesting? By definition a “no- brainer” is doing something that is simple, easy, obvious and/or totally logical. Today is a day to do all of those types of no brainer tasks and activities. If it [...]

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National Hot Dog Day at Family Jewels in Great Bend, Kansas

National Hot Dog DayHot Dog day is always celebrated on July 23rd.Americans favorite finger food and summer staple is the "Hot Dog"Smothered by some with onions and chile, or onions and mustard.Others prefer it almost burnt over open fires and coals?Yet, some prefer sauerkraut and a blended mustard.Hot dogs are center stage on the grill, [...]

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Pecan Pie Day in Great Bend, Kansas

Pecan Pie Day is July 12thPecan pie is the crunchy and sweet pie of holidays and for Pecan Pie Day.Here at Family Jewels we just might eat two for Pecan Pie day?I smell something cooking? And, it is sure not me!           We are the best Kansas loose gemstone dealer in Great Bend.

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Loose gemstones wholesale at Family Jewels and Silver

Gemstones have been prized from antiquity. Some for their color and other gemstones due to myths and legends of their powers. Alexandrite for example is known as the stone of magic and science because it changes color from outside light to inside lights. The more distinct the color change the higher it's value increases. The [...]

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Great Bend 4th of July Jewelry Store

4th of July Happy Holiday from Family JewelsMay your Fourth of July holiday be one that is with family and friends and very safe. Do not burn the chicken on the grill? But, enjoy the day with an ice cold drink and some good food. We wish every one a good holiday weekend. Your friendly online Jewelry StoreWe are [...]

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July Fourth Firecracker Sale in Great Bend, Kansas

Firecracker Sale at Family Jewels in Great Bend, KansasStarts with sterling silver charms at $4.99 each.Full sterling silver charms of your choice. Over 1000 available at our Great Bend Store.Online jewelers may order by phone a bulk mixture of our beautiful sterling silver charms also.Bulk phone orders must be for at least 20 mixed sterling [...]

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July 4th Big Bang at Family Jewels in Great Bend, Ks

We support our Military and their families.Family Jewels wishes everyone a fun and safe 4th of July Celebration.And, remember America was fought for and many over the centuries have died for.Think of that the next time you go to vote the same people in term after term?And the rockets red glare!The bombs bursting in air!Gave [...]

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