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Buffalo and Man


Buffalo and New Man:   An old story from the Fires!

Long ago a great fog covered that which the Buffalo knew.

And, the fog kept new man from seeing the wonder of the Buffalo.

Until an eagle started soaring from above and caused a great whirlwind

That lifted the great fog and the new man now saw the Buffalo.

But new man had no idea of what he was seeing?

He could see it was fast and strong and wondered much about it.

Until the Turtle strolled by from below and caused a great hole to appear

That filled with living waters from on above, and the Buffalo stopped to drink.

New man pondered upon this? The air became chilly and cold winds blew.

He could see the living waters turning white and hard and wondered much about it.

Until the beaver arrived and with great teeth chewed a hole right through.

That allowed Buffalo to keep drinking, and new man sat and watched it all.

Then new man heard a growl and was thinking Bear had arrived?

But, no where could new man see the Bear, and wondered much about it.

Until new man realized the growl was from within and he wondered much about it.

As new man found his body now was very very cold and felt numb when touched.

New man fell to the white ground and pondered upon the wonderment of it all?

Until a great herd of Coyotes arrived and circled around a Buffalo.

He could see they were sneaky and yet wise to encircle the Buffalo drinking waters.

New man was surprised when they pounced and brought the Buffalo to the white ground.

Long time past as new man trembled with cold watching the Coyotes eat.

Until as satisfied they left as they came, and new man wondered much about it?

Walking to the Buffalo new man saw what was left of the hide.

Picking it upon himself he felt warmth from the power of the Buffalo.

To this day new men all seek to wear the great Buffalo Hide for warmth and pride.

But, found hunting himself was superior to watching the Coyotes eat the Buffalo.

And, then new man discovered the meat was good and the bones made great things.

To this day we Honor the Great Buffalo who was White as Snow that Day.

As I heard: So have I shared.

I am Wha-O Chee (Bear Standing )

[ of the Mide manido ("Grand Medicine spirit") ] {Eternal MedicineLodge]

And I share to the Nations that which I have received:

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