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Digital Download Books

We are honored to be able to offer a few of Bob's books in a download zip PDF format.

He has 48 books on the world market through Amazon, bookstores and online. And, Kindle.

He is know as Arkansas City author and artist pabear48 on the internet.

Please be advised: Digital downloads cannot be refunded or returned.

 If you have any problems downloading, opening or viewing the item?

 Contact us and OUR TECHNICAL people will gladly assist.

 eBooks carry the same copy protection as a printed book

 Basically: You download the zip: Left click to open: Drag the PDF to desktop. That easy!

Hint: They are also printable on any printer for a hands on hold and read if desired.


Offered by the author.

RIGHT HERE as our Special Download Zip e-PDF books.

At Family Jewels and Silver Inc.