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We carry the finest emeralds found in the world.

We will describe each individual stone in detail.

No photos gives justice to a fine Emeralds color and quality.

Hands on selection is always the best for you.

And, of course you may call me with any questions or concerns.


Phone: 620-617-9318

We have a large stock of very fine emeralds on hand.

Including a limited few of  beautiful matched pairs.

We highly suggest if desired set up a Special Viewing.

Where you may view, scope and test each one your self.

Call and talk to Larry Jeweler to Jeweler Discussion on our Emeralds.

Or, call us and we will tell you what Gem Show near you we will be attending and you can hand view the emeralds.

We are not going to try listing all we have online. 

Intersted parties give us a call.

Emeralds   are sold by BANK TRANSFERS ONLY