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How Eagle Came

Native American Culture is also a Tradition of Story Telling at the Fire Ring


Native American, stories were always told in go-la (wintertime). That's when the harvesting is done, and it's not yet time to begin planting. Everything is very very quiet, it's usually snowing outside, and except for the hunters, everyone has to stay inside next to the fire ( a-tsi-la ), where it is warm and comfortable. Wintertime is also the best time to tell stories because that's when the snakes are asleep, and they can't hear what we are saying. My Grandfather told me this story about when Creator gave the gift of the Eagle.

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Thanks you in advance: Wha-O-Chee

How the Eagle came to the First People

By storyteller Wha-O-Chee

In the beginning the Earth was created, and a great thundercloud appeared on the horizon. With much lightening and thundering it descended toward the Great Cedar which was a the First Gift to the People.

As the heavy rain cleared, there was a new creature formed by the hand of the Creator and Father spoke its name: Eagle! I saw the eagle perched on the highest limb of the Great Cedar.

When we watched, he suddenly raised mighty wings and flew slowly down to the ground near my foot and then sat down. My name is "Mugwa" of the First People and I watched as Eagle approached the Earth, and saw Eagle put forward his foot, and as he stepped upon the ground, he became a man next to me.

He spoke: " I am Eagle and I shall always be upon the Winds as your sacred guide. Here is one of my wing feathers to wear in honor of me and to give all others the vision you have received from the Creator.

I "Mugwa" now state the answer of the vision to the People. We are called to recognize the eagle as a messenger of the Creator, and rely upon the Eagle to carry word of our Walk to the Creator.

When an eagle comes to where we are working, we know that someone cares about us, and when the eagle soars over our home it is a Blessing of Strength from the Creator and an acceptance of our Walk upon Mother Earth and is a Great Sign that Creator is watching over us and we are remembered.

Wing Feathers are highly prized by Native Americans and used for Religious Ceremonies. While the tail feathers are used more for Ceremonial Dance within the Great Circle. But every part of the vision Eagle is Sacred right to the Eagles' Claws.

Eagles Feathers are A Gift From Creator

Native American use the tail feathers of the Eagle to create Dance fans, and in their Regalia Clothing.

They are used for the Tribes Ceremonial Staff and in Headdress to honor the Creators Gift.

If a feather drops from anyone's regalia during the Pow Wow in the Dance Ring EVERYTHING STOPS as someone calls out "Downed Feather".

No one moves except those Honored Warriors whom are usually War Veterans who go together and pick up the downed feather. Once picked up it is given back to the owner if known outside the Circle area, and then the Dance Continues.

If the feather has been damaged it may not re-enter the Dance Circle until properly repaired ( if possible )?

From Annlee also known as "Wha-O-Cha-Ni-Standing"

At Pow Wows I am available to make quick fixes to Regalia. At one pow wow I was honored when they brought me a downed Eagle Feather during activities in the Circle which fell from the Tribe's Staff, and I was able to repair it and have it returned to the Circle.

This was a blessing from Creator and Mother Earth.

Always look to the great eagle whom is the favorite bird of the Great Spirit. The eagle feather is divided into two parts, part light, and part dark, and depicts the meaning of daylight and darkness, summer and winter, peace and war, and life and death. The eagle feather is sacred to all Native Americans as the Cross is sacred to all Christians.


Learning to Walk Silent?

By pabear48 as story teller

Silent Walker:

Once was man, whom Mother Earth tried to teach to walk silent within the woods.

But, man always stirred the leaves.

Man asked of mother:

"Why do leaves still still?"

Mother responded: "Because you have yet to divide yourself."

Man pondered and considered the silent walk path. Thus, the man began to renew his soul and walked with eyes stretched to visit the hawk and eagle, and to look beyond the trees, the forest and to the earth itself:

As he saw the stars glitter and moon pass over.

Then began man to journey in peace and did discover how to walk, and to see what silent had to say!

Lo and behold: One marvelous day:


Mother Earth said, " Now you have found the way of insight and knowledge:

One stone away".


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