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Light of the World

"The Light of the World"

by pabear48

I watched as the sun set in the cold orange sky. I asked God, "What does this mean for those today upon the earth?". I sought for wisdom and knowledge about even the setting of the sun. And, God said: " It is the difference between the Light and the Darkness". Then I understood! All know when it is dark and gloomy. They know when they hurt and fear. They cry when in pain and anguish. They seek to be comforted from the bleakness of the dark. For the dark they can feel and let it allude upon their lives. They hate the dark, and yet deny the Light. How poor in wisdom they have become, as they seek not the Light of the world even while they mourn upon their beds all weeping in their own sorrows. They await for help. Yet, they seek not the Light of the world. They wish for the dawning of morning so that they may continue on with what they call life. They come near unto the Light many times during troubled times. But, still they reach not out to take hold of the Light as a most cheerished pearl. They have become cold and waxed lukewarm. For now they hold not unto the Light of the world. However, when in pain they move toward the Light for warmth, understanding and comfort. Thus, they bask in the Light only long enough to be gently warmed and lightly comforted by the Light of the world. Even still they profess the Light when trials and tribulations beset upon them: Nevertheless they continue to remove themselves from the Light as they are comforted and lightly warmed and refreshed.

They want the comfort of the Light. Even while they still deny the POWER of the Light. They openly confess to the Light only that which they fear the darkness has disclosed in the streaks of Light upon them. They are much waxed cold to the Love of the Light. Nonetheless: The secret of the Light they hold in their hearts and spirit. They even openly proclaim the Light while denying the Power of the same Light. They have an appearance of being comforted and bathed in the warmth of the Light: But are still creatures of the darkness.

They walk to and fro trying to bring darkness to meet and cover the Light. For in perpetual darkness do they dwell. Even though they all hate the darkness and still they will fully deny the Light of the world. They want the Light as long as they do not have to give up the darkness within. They want the warmth of the Light only to dispair the pain, and the hurt for the moment. Many do come into the shimmers of the Light. But only for moments, and even in a moment the Light bathes them in comfort and joy.

Even the leaders of darkness know about the Light. They try becoming like the Light, and bring even more condemnation upon themselves. But, They fool many into the deception that they know the Light, and that they bask in the warmth and comfort of the Light. They are pretenders pretending by miraculous deception that they are of the Light, and not of the darkness. They are foul and loathsome creatures of the night.

Our God does call all unto the Light. It is a Loving Light. It dispells all darkness. It is a warm and basking Light. It is the only Light and Life upon the earth. It is God's Son. It is Jesus!

And, no way exists to come to God..Except by the Light of the World. And, that Light is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Wherefore it is written: Come to me, I am lowly, meek and mild, My cross is easy to bear and My Love for you is pure and fair. I have opened the doorway and no man can close it upon you, while I 'am still in the world. I'am alive. I'am living just for you. I AM THE GREAT I AM. ...I AM YOUR LORD GOD...I AM GOD...I AM THE SON...I AM THE HOLY SPIRIT...I AM CHRIST JESUS...I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD...I AM THE WAY. Come to me with all your heart, mind, body and soul. I AM THE LIGHT AND BEHOLD: I come quickly..........{paraphrased by scripture}

Amen and Amen

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