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Man A Dingo

Man-a-Dingo: The Tale!

Many moons ago when the sweet grass had not even started to grow and few animals were upon Mother Earth there was a giant of a man the First People saw walking among the Cedars growing along the Great Mountains and no arrow could bring him down. His jet black hair flowed like a river rushing upon his back when he started to run.

This giant of a man was named by the First People as “Man-a-dingo” which translates as “man-of-blood”

Man-a-Dingo enjoyed to kill all the humans of the First People and eat their flesh and drink their blood. Many Warriors had over the hundreds and hundreds of years tried to attack and kill Man-a-Dingo with sharp arrows of stone and some of great bone.

The people said: Unless we can kill and get rid of giant Man-a-Dingo soon none of us will be left alive to walk upon Mother Earth?

A great Council was called by the First People and came the Warriors of old and renown along with the wise-men of the many tribes: And, sat they did as the Nation of One for the very first time: A tale for another time?

One Warrior known as Wind of Trees stood up and spoke first:

I think I know the way to kill and rid our selves of Man-a-Dingo but this Council will have to trust me for I must go alone but for the Spirit of Mother Earth along my side? I know every one of my brothers here would lay their life to the ground as my friend and for the Nation we have created here this very day. Nor will I share the means or discuss the way I have visioned to kill the giant we call Man-a-Dingo this very day.

All elders nodded their heads in accepting the vision of the Warrior Wind of Trees as all other Warriors raised their bows and whooped and yelled to the Great Spirit to watch over the vision of their brother Wind-of-Trees.

Wind-of-Trees left the Council and went deep into the realm of the Great Cedars along the waters of the great lake where he knew from time to time even the great giant Man-a-Dingo must go for a drink. His bow he did not bring?

Wind-of-Trees found the pathway he sought and lay down while pretending to be dead.

Soon Man-a-Dingo came along and saw the warrior lying there as still as the morning dew upon a branch and said:

Why these people are making it easier for me now I see! For I do not need to run to catch them and kill them. Now they die right on my trail no doubt from just the fear of me.

The giant Man-a-Dingo reached out a great arm and touched the still body.

Why he is still warm and fresh feeling? His heart shall be my meal this day which I shall roast upon the fires.

Man-a-Dingo reached down and picked the mans body up and slung it over his right shoulder and the mans head drooped and hung as if dead.

Into his cave Man-a-Dingo brought the body and dropped it upon the dirt floor as would one drop a rabbit for the eating close the place of the fire. But, then the giant saw his wood pile was empty and he needed to go grab some firewood to roast the heart of this dead man.

Man-a-Dingo left the cave to go for fire wood.

As soon as Man-a-Dingo had left, Wind-of-Trees got up and grabbed the giant’s huge skinning knife laying across a great flat rock.

Just then the giant’s son came in, bending low to enter the cave he did not: For he was still small as giants go and was named Min-a-mad-do.

Immediately, Wind-of Trees held the big knife to the boys throat.

Quick, tell me, where’s your father’s heart? Tell me or I’ll slit your throat!”

Min-a-mad-do the giant’s son was scared. He said:

My father’s heart is in his right heel.

Suddenly, the giant Man-a-Dingo’s right  foot appeared in the entrance, and Wind-of-Trees  swiftly plunged the knife into the right heel and ripped upward with all the strength a Warrior has!

Man-a-Dingo screamed as the thunders scream across the mountain tops when the black skies come to feed the waters. His son, Min-a-mad-do ran from the cave and was never seen of again.

The great giant called Man-a-Dingo was fatedly wounded and knew his blood ebbed to the point of death.

You must be a great Warrior of the First People and now you think it is over? For you have killed me and soon I will be dead: Even so, I am going to keep on eating you and every human upon this world for ever more!

Wind-of-Trees said so you think that shall be? I shall make sure you never eat and roast the hearts of the people again upon your fire?

Wind-of-Trees proceeded to cut the giants body into tiny little pieces and threw them into the fire pit and lit the fire with the wood Man-a-Dingo had gathered to roast the Warrior’s Heart.

When the giant’s entire body was burned black into but ashes:

Wind-of-Trees scrapped all the ashes unto an animal skin and threw them into the winds of the Earth to scatter them for ever more.

In an instant: Every partial began to fly? Wings were formed and they had turned into the Mosquito! The cloud of ashes instantly became a cloud of mosquito’s and Wind-of-Trees heard once more the voice of the giant this time laughing and in the wind he heard:

Yes! It is done and I shall eat the people until the end of time!

Wind-of-Trees shared this at the Council and watched as every Warrior started scratching them self.

As told by Wha-O-Chee

Medicine man of the Bear Clan



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