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Man Created


Man! Created?

Creator-Universe and Man: by pabear48

Among the Great Cedars and all other trees a story told is shared by their roots?
At the time of first Creation when the universe was but as small as the head of an ant the beginning of a tale formulated when ( Gi'-tchie Man-i-to' (Great Mystery).  Creator snapped his fingers and the Universe exploded in one loud Big Bang. It remains expanding even as we tell the tale?
After the snap of his fingers and many billions of years past then:
The first things began to appear? First the sun and then the moon after a twin hit the Earth. (Nee-ba-gee'-sis (the Moon) is called Grandmother, and (Gee'-sis (the Sun) is called Grandfather.
A small planet (Ah-ki' (the Earth) was formed and put under the watchful hands of Mother Earth by Grandmother and Grandfather. Whom to this day we know and see as the Spirit of all things with each having a life force to view and learn from as we Walk upon the Earth.
The tale of Man: By Wha-O-Chee
When Ah-ki' (the Earth) was very young, it was said that the Earth was like the fire molten of the volcanoes and then Grandfather blew upon the molten rocks covering Mother Earth and the rocks were cooled and the lands formed from the breath of Creation. But he blew to hard and all was covered in deep ice!
Grandmother watched and saw this thing. She stretched out her arms and moved the ice and it began to react with her (giving us the tides of today) and the ice went away but for the two ends where she could not reach. Water is the life blood of Mother Earth and in the waters comes the flow of all things because from her comes all living things. Water is the nourishment and purifies all that we are.
Gi'-tchie Man-i-to' saw this change and smiled upon the waters. Saying all is given to you as the Sacred Winds which shall flow in four directions. North winds to keep you cool. East winds to remind you of me! South winds to warm your Spirit and West winds that say I must go forth. To each I leave them as physical powers and as Spiritual Powers for the entire Mother Earth to see.
Upon the singers ( we now call angels or his workers) he formed the birds of the air to infill song into the winds and he placed creatures that could swim under the waters to multiply as food for all the Earth as well as all crawling things unto the lands that were formed by the breath of Grand Father. At this time all things were peaceful and all things could speak! It was the happy time for life!

The Creator sent his singers in the form of birds to the Earth to carry the seeds of life to all of the Four Directions. In this way life was spread across the Earth. On the Earth the Creator placed the swimming creatures of the water. He gave life to all the plant and insect world. He placed the crawling things and the four-legged on the land. All of these parts of life lived in harmony with each other.
But, Ah-ki' remained saddened as no one was upon two legs as was Gi'-tchie Man-i-to' 
So Creator used the Sacred Shell:
Antalis pretiosum)(( and in memory when man came he used this Sacred Shell for trades and as money.))(( also known as the Megis Shell))Still regarded as Sacred To-day!

With the shell and from the union of the Four Sacred Elements and the breath of Gi'-tchie Man-i-to' first man was created in the image of the Creator: Two legs to walk upon Mother Earth! Two eyes with two arms to see and reach as two ears allowed man to hear the songs of the angels in flight. Man was created!And she cried which warmed the waters and brought great rains upon her Spirit.

Gi'-tchie Man-i-to' saw this thing. He then took four parts of Mother Earth and blew into them using a Sacred Shell from the waters:  (Which we understand was the shell of the a species of long narrow marine shelled mollusk)
First man then began walking upon Mother Earth and he named every creature he saw and heard upon his walk.
First man talked with the animals and learned from them the wonders of the Spirit each carried and their real purpose they were formed for to be a part of the Earth. Even the worm had a great tale of why he was created as did the dingo and the elephant. Every living thing has Spirit (life) and a purpose for being formed and man knew this once upon a time?
Man watched as all creatures multiplied and cried: For man could not multiply?
Mother Earth saw this thing! In compassion she changed the air and First Man was put to into deep sleep so he would not cry any more.
Gi'-tchie Man-i-to' saw this thing Mother Earth did and had compassion upon First Man to. He reached down and withdrew a rib from the man and blew upon it with his breath of life and Woman appeared sleeping next to Man.
Mother Earth smiled, and used the Four Winds to clear the air of sleep and Man awoke to Woman. Man smiled, for now he to could multiply!
A Tale told around the Great Fire Ring.
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