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Mouse and Warrior

Mouse and Warrior

A tale from the Elders.



Many moons ago there once was a mouse born pure white. An albino mouse

from the Creator.


Like many field mice he roamed the woods and sometimes roamed the strange

structures with interesting smells coming  from their tops. These were the tepees

of the People!


Within one of them was a great Warrior and hunting provider to the People.

But, this Winter was heavy and the snows came by the feet and rose to the top

entrance of the tepees. Starvation loomed unto the People and to the small animals

of the forest.


Because of the snow depths the white mouse had to explore for food in the smelly

place he rather not go. So into the skins of the strange structures he began his

adventure exploring for food. Once inside he felt the warmth of the air and sat

upon a wooden bowed item where he could see the strange People.

This mouse was known by folklore to be “Mutch-a-do” a special gift from Mother Earth.

And, he could speak the Native tongue! ( A gift from Creator)


The Warrior was known as “Kicking Bear” and was mighty among the People. But,

even the snows stopped him from hunting for the food so much needed. He sat at

the fire rubbing his hands when his eye caught the White mouse sitting upon his bow

hanging from a piece of deer hide. “Mutch-a-do” started the talk by saying

“Why do you stare upon me Warrior of the Creator?”.

In reply “Kicking Bear” said:

“You are great medicine and respect of sight I must grant”
“Why did you enter my Circle?”
” I was hungry and it is cold in the depths of the snow” he replied.

” I have no meat for jerking” said “Kicking Bear” and “The wee ones cry in hunger

for even I cannot go outside and bring meat  to the fires for all.

” Mother earth has brought the snows upon us like never seen before this time.

“But, I am hungry” said :Mutch-a-do

“Kicking Bear” stared again upon the White Mouse and said:

” I have this nut which you may have for it is all that I have left

to give to a visitor within my abode. My words are at an end just

as life is upon a path.”


“You are a Warrior and I am well pleased in your gift of the nut”

said “Mutch-a-do”, and you are not going to die.

Remember this my friend: To worry over “much-a-do” is like over

the other hillside where a herd of Buffalo is resting just 50 feet

from where we sit.

By Wha-O-Che


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