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Native American Flutes

Native Americans for centuries have hand crafted flutes from various woods and reeds.

We are honored to be able to offer hand crafted flutes by "Long Hair"

Crafted the Traditional Ways.

They are each hand crafted by Long Hair and signed with his name.

Darrell is a registered Native American who has been making the finest wood flutes for more years than he wishes to count. He is a very humble friend of Annlee and Bob.

These are packaged for shipping to protect them.

Long Hair is now in late age, and makes a select few a year now.

In the Traditional Ways!  Limited flutes available from time to time.

Truly, Native American flute carvers are few and far between as most wooden flutes out there are being made in China and called wrongly. Darrel is fully registered and one of the most known and respected hand carved flute crafters in the United States.

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