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Original Art Paintings

Bob lives in Kansas and has always enjoyed creating art that draws people into the painting as well as his trade mark of hiding things deep and open to the eyes. For instance, in one painting he hid 453 perfect dolphins for people to find and discover. Or in The Watcher he painted thousands of people into the finished art.

Once, many years ago his family talked him into showing his art at the Ramsey Country Fair in Saint Paul. He entered 13 works of art in 13 divisions. His art took 11 blue ribbons and 2 of other colors. He said to himself and family; that it seemed unfair to all the other artists works, and has never entered any art work to a display like that ever again.

Bob's art has been on display in government buildings. In art displays in Arkansas City, Kansas and of course now on the internet.

Robert William Vincent is known on the internet as pabear48

And, is known as an artist and author.

Bob was born in Minnesota and has degrees in Engineering, Paralegal, Business Management, and was licensed to operate before the Internal Revenue Service. And, he has been an Evangelical Evangelist ministering to ministers, priests, lay-People and friends of Jesus Christ of Nazereth for over 32 years. He is now over 67 years of age.

Bob says:

An artist creates what is within his mind: A viewer sees what their mind sees!
Art is in the "Eye of the Beholder"
Private showings can be arranged if desired?
Make this by a phone call to Larry.
Osiyo: May you enjoy exploring my art.  Thank you for visiting!  Bob

Please note: Bank Transfer is available for Original Art

We understand most payments for sales will arrive from a BANK TRANSFER

Because some of the Prices of the Original Art Paintings may exceed card caps.

So we highly suggest calling Larry to discuss buying the art and setting up the payment or private viewing.

Phone: 620-617-9318
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