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Pow Wow Story

Pow Wow Story by Annlee Cakes

 Kaw Nation Pow Wow: A Story shared!

A true event.



The Kaw Nation Pow Wow held every August is an event we attend as a vender of Native American Jewelry, Crafts and Regalia.

A wonderful true story shared!

While at the Kaw Nation Pow Wow a security officer dropped around the booth and asked me if I could craft a Special hat band for his hat. Of course I said “Yes!”

He shared with me the colors he desired in the seed bead band. I asked about what pattern he desired? The response was simply: “You decide?” “When would you like the band by” I asked. “Bring it with you next year” he replied.

Update Kaw Nation Pow Wow 2010

Over the Winter I kept thinking about the hat band. No pattern seemed to fit?

Then in January 2010 I had a vision. A pattern I saw! A story attached!

We arrived at the Kaw Nation Pow Wow 2010 early afternoon Friday and started setting up the booth. A few security officers dropped by and we asked about our special officer if he was around. Gleefully, we put out an APB capture request with all the LEO’s. And, they were having some fun with this also.

About an hour later our friend officer arrived at the booth laughing and talking about the APB from his fellow Officers. I showed him the crafted hat band, but did not tell him about the Vision or the Story at this time. He liked the band, and said he would bring his hat to the booth the next day.

Saturday arrived hot and humid! So did the security officer with a beautiful black Stetson in hand. He left it with me, and I was going to permanently attach this band to the hat because he lost his last one that was simply tied to the hat.

I finished the hat, and Bob groomed and cleaned the jet black Stetson until it shined as new as from the rack from where it came.

A bit later the officer arrived with others, and picked up the hat. Asked what do I owe you? My reply: “ I was honored to create this for you, and tradition tells me it is up to you to decide?”, “For this was Native to Native! He stood silent and impressive in his shiny uniform and very tall and broad in his stance. I told him about how difficult the choice of pattern for the band, and that in January a gift of Vision arrived. I explained the entire pattern and the meaning of each symbol and how it spoke. He and others listened!

Away he drove off in the security golf cart with another Officer and stating he would be back. After that as the day passed onward he drove by a few times with not a word said. He stopped once and asked if we liked gator aid, and dropped off some. Not a word was exchanged about the band.

Later that night, long after the sun had set. My eye caught him walking over to me as I was sitting in a chair. Half kneeled down, fist clinching an item: He said, “I do not wish to offend you! I am not sure what to do?” I said, “You shall not!”

He pushed the item in his hand into mine. Kissed my cheek, said “Thank you! I will treasure this for the rest of my life” and then he cried. I also then cried.

To my Native Brother I say: “Mugwa!”

This exchange is what being a Native American Traditionalist is all about. Even a man well into his 40’s had a new birth and an experience never known before. A growth and power he now has for sharing in all time to arrive as He walks his walk with Creator.

I share this story for one reason and one reason ONLY.

To know the Culture is to Share the Culture!

Much had happened in his life during the past year: And, that only he can share or discuss as he feels to do with others. As a Medicine Woman the seed of a Vision Gift had been passed, explained and shared.

I hope you enjoyed this true story, and maybe understand a tid-bit more about Our Heritage and the true meaning of Native Culture.

Thank you, Trulee WHA-O-CHA-NI-STANDING


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