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Single Certified Diamonds


Our Catalogue of Available Certified Diamonds

Of course we also offer these to our customers.

For the Ultimate Diamond Wedding Rings

To all all customers that want a Custom Top End Wedding Set.

This section is for ONLY single Certified Diamonds.

We will describe each diamond in the details a fine jeweler can fully understand.

We do not keep these diamonds at our Store. They are vaulted.

They are fully certified and totally described. All diamonds have either a GIA, IGI or EGL Certificate.

This is a loose single diamond available catalogue

If  the gem size you need is not listed? Call us please..

Diamonds are sold by PHONE ORDER ONLY

Bank Transfer is the preferred way of full payment.

We expect a Bank Transfer to be completed before we ship.

 Phone: 620-617-9318 

Ask for Larry

Please note:

Any photo we show is only to show the cut: Like round cut, princess cut, or oval ect ect.

Photos are not of the actual diamonds offered as described. Photos depict style cut only!

All are Certified Diamonds and described in jewelers terms. GUARANTEED

The diamonds CANNOT  be bought through our cart system.

The quick view box on each one says:  SORRY OUT OF STOCK

Because they are not a cart item available through auto-check out.

Click the one you want more information on

The "sorry out of stock" in the preview panes is sight activated for the Catalogue

When one is sold and no longer available?

The quick view photo will look like this.



ONLY Larry can authorise a restock. Or exchange of a diamond.

Our restock fee on diamonds is a flat 20 percent.

And ONLY after it is determined by us and instruments: 


and returned with the exact Original Certificate intact.

We have been doing this for over 40 years and known the ins and outs.

We have been buying direct from the cutters for over 40 years.

We know gemstones! Our decisions are FINAL UPON ALL PARTIES.

This declatory is final.

All parties that buy diamonds from us agree they have read and fully understood they must: And do accept this declatory as is when actually purchasing any diamond.


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