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Warriors Tale

By Story Keeper: Wha-O-Chee

Come now and take your seat around the light sharing and the warmth of Sacred Fire. Share your tales and stories with all sitting around. Send your prayers into the smoke and bring knowledge to all sharing the warmth of Sacred Fire and remember the Great Bear. And, honor the Spirit of all things for they have life of their own.



The Island and the People: A Warrior's Tale
By Wha-O-Chee

Over the fires a tale is told of a Great Island across the waters where the land fires glow upon and flicker in the deep dark nights from man whom is of the First People.

The man was called Wha-O-Cha and a respected Warrior of the Nation. He learned from childhood to talk to the creatures formed in the start of the People.

His favorite creature friend was the Night hawk that flew like the wind during the deep dark nights and had flown over the Island and brought back tales told around the fires back to Wha-O-Cha of the many wonders seen from the clouds and with eyes of the Night Hawk.

Of course the green turtles said: Night Hawk cannot see what he says he saw because of the deep darkness and of the fall?

And, the bears all agreed with the turtles and thought Night Hawk was a tail bearer upon the People and especially to Wha-O-Cha

They asked the Great Eagle: You fly high to the tips of the mountains and can see the speck of an eye upon the ground. Have you seen the Island as shared by Night Hawk?

And, Great Eagle responded: I have seen no Island while I fly the great skies of the daylight, but remember I do not fly in the deep dark of the night? and Wha-O-Cha nodded in agreement with Great Eagle. Great Eagle looked upon his friend Wha-O-Cha and said: You are wise, and because of this I give you one of my wing feathers to remind you even in daylight one may not see what may be there?

Wha-O-Cha accepted this great gift of the Eagle Wing Feather and placed it upright in his hair as a reminder that People cannot fly to see and can only see what their eyes allow them to see. To this day many of the People honor and wear the Great Eagle Wing Feather to remind them to always watch and look to see.

Wha-O-Cha added Cedar upon the fire and the sparks arose and crackled the coals, and the night sky flickered and great smoke arose. The heat was so strong that many of the favorite creatures moved away a little from the roar of the dancing flames, and Wha-O-Cha saw this and remembered that fires can burn even friends. To this day the People keep Sacred Fires in memory of the time when the creatures all talked to the People and when eyes could see what eyes could see. Fires became a friend in the cold and a way of heating the meat, and a way to see the flicker of eyes within the deep dark nights.

Spoke now Night Hawk:

In a way I say it has saddened me little creatures, to see that you cannot see because you cannot believe I saw what I have seen. Because of this doubt has entered upon the People, and you will doubt more and more as moons pass and suns rise. And, the Island will slip more away from even Wha-O-Cha who is the Greatest Warrior of the People and can talk with all the little creatures. The Island is real and is a passing unto the People. A place of great beauty and hunting grounds over flowing and the place where Creator sits upon the White Buffalo. Entrance for man comes from the deep dark night of passing over, and the fires of the land cast the pathway to follow across the Living Waters to Walk with the Creator.

Wha-O-Cha nodded: and said, It shall be told from generation upon generation the tale of the Night Hawk, and fires will be lit each time a Warrior or one of the People meet the great deep darkness so the waters may flicker and the pathways lit for eyes to see what eyes with doubt see not. I have spoken, and shall speak no more with the creatures with doubt.

So was told the Tale unto this day.

I am Wha-O Chee (Bear Standing )

And I share to the Nations that which I have received


Great Bear and Fire? Brand new sharing!
By story teller Wha-O-Chee

Great Bear and Fire?

It is told by our forefathers a tale of fire and the great bear that once was given the power of fire before the ones that walked upon two legs.

Now Great Bear was brown and stood as high as twenty squirils. And, had an appetite that was unending. In the beginning Mother Nature gave Great Bear the sacred fire and told him to listen to the fire and do what fire said to do. In this Great Bear obeyed!

For you see in the beginning the world was colder than it is now and sacred fire kept the bears warm while all others chilled and felt the sting of the cold unless they wore a Great Bear robe to keep warm from the cold and to do this they hunted the Great Bear that had the power of fire. Many upon two legs did die trying to get a warm robe of the bear.

One day many moons ago it was the appetite of the Great Bear that brought about the fate of the Sacred Fire. It is said, that Great Bear had a huge fire going and it got away and started the first forest fire upon the Earth. As the fire roared Great Bear heard popping sounds coming from the black ashes as fire moved upon the ground?

Great Bear roared to all the bears and they followed him upon the ashes to discover what was making the popping sounds. They discovered roasted acorns. And, they not only smelled good to all the bears, but Great Bear said they tasted very very good.

So all the bears of the Earth followed Great Bear into the forest ashes picking up and eating the roasted acorns. As they ate and ate they were moving further and further away from the sacred fire which was their duty to keep. But, the appetite of the bears was unending and they flourished with the roasted acorns. As they gleaned the ground of acorns they moved ever deeper into the burned out forest fire upon the ground. Appetite was the fate Mother Nature forgot to consider?

Now, came the two legged creatures hunting for bear robes to keep warm in the chill of the Earth.

One warrior named Kitchegoma was at the edge of what was the forest when he heard a voice from the ground: " Feed me!"

"Feed Me!" he heard again and looked upon the ground and saw a tiny flicker of light. Kictchegoma said, " I will feed you, but I do not know what you eat nor what you are?"

" I am know as fire and I eat twigs, leaves and branches of the trees. And, if you feed me and keep me sacred to all two legged creatures I will keep you warm and teach you to cook food unending for all your tribe and clans."

Kitchegoma placed a few twigs and leaves upon the tiny little flicker upon the ground and it grew immediately and Kitchgoma felt warm for the first time of memory and without a great bear robe wrapped around. " This is a good thing", he said.

Then fire spoke once more:

I am a part of the universe and a part of the sun in the sky. I belong to all people of every color and all things upon the Earth I can destroy or give a gift of warmth and making foods taste better. I am the Sacred Fire! Upon the four winds I travel and if honored will not harm. To those who honor me with food of the cedar, tobacco and sage I shall teach them how to pray to the Great Creator of all things and shall in my smoke carry their prayers to the beginning of the Universe where they shall be heard. If you will feed me! For all things are alive and have life of their own and a Spirit within and without.

Kitchegoma lowered his head and agreed to all these things and promised all his people would honor the Sacred Fire and share of the things he has been told for all time to come. And, to this very day all tribes and the entire Nation tender the Sacred Fire with honor and respect and feed it twigs, leaves and branches and sweeten it with sage, tobacco and cedar in memory of when Great Bear lost the right of fire over a roasted acorn.

By Story Keeper: Wha-O-Chee


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