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We Are Human


We all are human?
By Best Selling author Robert William Vincent (aka) pabear48

A sharing:
We all are human and have human nature?
Today, I began deep pondering as to not only my own human nature but that of all humans around me? I wondered the whys?

Why is it?
Human nature is so predictable?  With people around you expecting your assistance in what ever it is that you know or can do better than many others, and yet they desire you do it for them for free: Yet, they will not go out and work for free but rather expect to be paid for their abilities and efforts via self employment and or being an employee.

Why is it?
People believe a rumor even before the truth of a matter? And in this regard spread the rumor faster than a forest fire in a 100 mile per hour wind. Yet! When they learn the truth of the matter what ever it is. Silence!

Why is it?
People will now go on a social network site and type their entire life occurrences before the entire World, and yet will not approach the person they desire to ask, answer and or share with? That is the focal point of human nature revealing a human desire to speak out even if in tears shed to the entire World of unseen people on a social network: Nevertheless, that same human nature prevents them from a logical choice not revealed to the entire World. Social networks are destroying many individuals and they do not even see the destruction upon them self brought by their own human nature?

Human nature basics confirm that most humans will spend hours on games rather than on reality, and we wonder why children are still graduating high school without the ability to read and some I know without the  ability to write even their very own name in script form.

Furthermore, base human nature is upon all humans. In this regard, during a person’s life time everyone asks within the why I am here or what should I do questions which each individually face while upon this Earth? The basic human nature of living comes to bare upon everyone as the need for food, clothing and shelter or even a glass of water become needed for survival.

Yet the inner core human nature stays untamed by the majority even though a few have learned to tame the core of human nature. The driving thirst to be seen or heard, or in the least acknowledged by others consumes most human nature foundations and is the leading cause of depression upon the humans living upon this planet. Some are so afraid of a Tornado as example they go in hiding when a warning is issued five states away? Or they run to add three gallons of gas to their vehicles to save 15 cents as gas rises a nickel that day and yet think nothing of throwing away a dollar on a soda they could buy in a twelve pack for under 35 cents as compared to that wonderful pop machine offering human nature a drink for a buck? Many companies thrive on this inconsistent human nature behavior.

Why is it?
That human nature of the minority charges forth against people smoking and yet every State budget relies upon cigarette taxes for almost ¼ or more of their entire spending budgets? Yet the same few are never seen or heard from about the exhaust smoke from cars, buses, trucks and even down from the skies as an airplane passes over head? Ever hear of acid rain?

Human nature comes in many forms? Bring on a tragedy and the helpful human nature appears: But, it can turn around in an instant if offended in any way by the reality of the tragedy they first were helpful natured upon. This is prime mankind human nature at its deepest foundations as a human being living upon this planet we call home and Earth. Human nature on one hand reaching out to help from a Tsunami or earthquake and from accidents, storms and all more we refer to as not good events around the globe or in our own country, city, town or home

Yet! The self same individuals are not able to reach within to aid their own human nature foundations by simply being helpful to them self when needed which is and of itself also human nature behavior.

Why is it?
A person may spend hours or even an entire weekend watching a sport activity and even yelling at the scenes while clinching a drink: yet, never finds the time to take out the garbage on their own?

Or another can sit bathing in the sun while work needs to be done?
What is this unseen driving force from within that acts like a culprit without?
Simply predictable human nature in its most basic forms.
It is like the individual desiring their children not swear: But, they do! In this regard we all fall short of the human nature we desire and the human nature we show upon all others even when it comes down to a simple human example of the using of a mere word. It is the human nature of…I can but you cannot.

Human nature remains so predictable!  We ask do not and invariably they do because they also have basic human nature within as the core of life to living upon this Earth. Logic would dictate Do as you would like done? Or as a great teacher once said: Do unto others what you want others to do unto you!
Clearly he knew the stone from where all human nature was founded?

Why is it?
100 people can see something, and be seldom heard about it: But, one skeptic draws the attention by denying what 100 saw? 999 people can be honest and good human beings: but, one out of the 1000 desires to take from the 999?Go figure?

Nevertheless, human nature opens the doorway of pondering if the 999 would also if they knew they could not be caught?

Even this mere pondering is open to interpretations unending and yet has been a proven reality from the time of human life to this exact point of writing if your human nature simply accepts fact of history and examples of riots , discord and looting when the opportunity arises for those 999 and watched by the 6.1 billion human nature people on Earth.

Basic human nature are those revealing characteristics we each have within as a human creature formed and includes our ways of acting, feeling, sharing and even how and the whys of our innermost thinking which all these and far more as our natural human basic natures.

In example: Cut us and we each bleed!

Break our bone and we all hurt and probably cry!
Feed us and we shall not starve to death.
Give us fire and we shall endure the cold.

It is written:
Our human mind has the ability to reason.

Reasoning is the foundation of human nature leading to life and unto the best or worst of live as we humans understand living and life upon this Earth.

In its simplest form the typical tendancy of each human remains the Law of Nature as applied to any predictable pattern by the majority and the reactions to that by the minority.

This is the ultimate pattern of Human Nature!
We all are human and have human nature?

Today, I began deep pondering as to not only my own human nature but that of all humans around me? I wondered the whys?

Why is it?
Babies die? People get old? Wars are waged?
People starve daily in the greatest country on this planet?
People get upset other material things?  When life is so very very short!
The Creator is silent? Or the moon is moving away from the earth daily?
Every country uses the fear factor of human nature to control its citizens?
Why do we even get mad or upset when we are here but a blink of the eye?
Why do we cry over spilt milk and laugh when a clown cries?

If you are now pondering your very own aspects about your very own human nature at this moment of reading this line: Then I have touched your human nature and you will never be the same for you grew and gleaned knowledge and understanding of your very own existence and shall comprehend life in a new adventure of reasoning life itself.

Thank you for reading!
This is a great example of how my Hray-Mah series is a great companion guide to your very own understanding of your favorite Bible translation, and I hope your curiosity and thirst to learn, grow and understand has been affected with a desire to glean the truth, and the Truth shall set you free!
Respectfully, Bob

Human Nature and Christians ?
Sometimes, even as Christians we need to sit back and regroup our concepts and thoughts as we walk upon this Earth.

As Christians today we face so many denominations and named churches each sharing the Good News from the pulpits: Yet! We as individuals have forgotten that we individually are called to learn for ourselves with the Comforter who is the Teacher of the Word of God and that God shared through writers inspired by the Spirit to write the scriptures and stories we now accept as inspired as the Bible.

Throughout the world the Bible is in every language and many translations, and yet in every single one the Precept and Concept brought forth by the Indwelling Spirit to every writer and contributor, and to all versions upon the Earth: The Holy Word is always intact. No translation can change the Concept and the Precept as it was granted by the Father through the Spirit and revealed by the Son of God, whom is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is scriptural truth that the Spirit watches over the Precepts and the Concepts no matter how mankind translates and puts in print the Word. That is why side by side the translations printed into a Bible have and use many variations of printed words. One may say thee and another may print you for the word thee. Remember it is only the Precept and Concept protected by the Spirit.

The Hray-Mah books guide you to find, discover and understand how to read and see and hear the Precepts and thee Concepts in your personal Bible Study.

Jesus opened the simple pathway to know the Father which no one can close.

I am amazed when so many know the Lord's Prayer Jesus gave us all to pray:

And yet, so few have ever read or heard of the special prayers Jesus gave ONLY to those following him by personal choice?

Nonetheless, these prayers are in the New Testament in every translation and language in the world. And, they are not spoken of from the pulpits? Why?

Go read for yourself and then enter your prayer chamber with the Creator and ask what you were simply missing and why?

For we were asked to pray them when gathered in His Name.

These are the end days spoken of by the Lord, and we as Christians must be prepared and send out the Trumpets Sounding.

Behold! Jesus Christ is Coming! Amen and Amen

Jesus is the Son of God and the Living Lord Saviour, who died on the Cross to save me and anyone, who seeks Him, and He was buried and arose alive from the grave to overcome for each of us the sting of death and so we can live with God after we leave this Earth and our earthly bodies. I believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as ONE GOD!

The "WORD" of God first comes from hearing.
When one first hears they start ponderings within.
Trying inside to figure is this real or unreal?

As I see it:
The Bible is for the FAITHFUL.....
Without Jesus no individual can have faith, and therefore no way to comprehend or share correctly the BIBLE. Without FAITH anything that comes out and talked about the WORD by the unfaithful is incorrect for they did not have the Teacher.

Scriptures technically teach nothing to those without the Spirit except to bring a thirst as a human being drawn to come to their Creator. Then each must make a choice?

THE TEACHER IS THE SPIRIT....and the Spirit is Jesus, and without Jesus as Lord there is no knowledge of the scriptures. Wherefore, as it is written they speak as fools who have not the Lord and Comforter. Trying if possible to fool and attack all WHO DO KNOW THE LORD.

We are further moved that to understand or know the
WORD that it takes the Teacher of All Things, and without the Teacher
We understand to be the Comforter no wisdom of knowledge
Is applicable as dictated by the WORD we do have to comprehend.

The Comforter is a "FREE GIFT" that comes from one Asking the Lord into their life as Savior: For He is the Way, the Truth and the doorway to the Creator. We understand no other doorway exists for a human to Talk and Know their Creator.

Theology is simply the individual studying of the Word and sharing what you have studied in its ground roots form. You can do this! Be a Good Shepard and Steward of the Word. Ask and you shall receive...Seek and you shall find...Knock and the door shall be opened unto you...Amen and Amen

As a Christian and the Author of the Hray-Mah series of three books I ask myself every day how does an author explain his own books?

How does one explain a series of books that have totally opened the Holy Scriptures? Brought the freedom unto one's self exactly as Jesus Christ of Nazareth explained?
And, is a fresh new and simple companion reference guide to use with your favorite Bible.
The changes and perspectives I now have in the Gospel are fantastic. I feel refreshed and fully aware of the Gospel as Jesus intended it to be. So simple that any child can understand the Precept and Concept.

Jesus did live for me and Jesus did die for me: AND, Jesus arose from the grave exactly as was foretold: I was a prisoner upon this Earth: Now I am free upon this Earth.

The Hray-Mah books will guide you on how to go back and read your very own bible and see what is actually written there. I keep asking myself: How did I miss these things myself as a young man? I find the answer was also easy...I followed the pulpit rather than the simple Word.

Every professing Christian should read the HRAY-MAH series of books. You will be awakened to what is The Living Word.

Do you know the PRAYERS Jesus asked His followers to pray? And, I am not referring to the Lord's Prayer given to the Apostles.

May the Creator of all things be a moment closer to your understanding.
Thank you for reading.......Bob

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